The Indefatigable Gardener

I'm planting my garden
As well you can see.
Oh, planting a garden
Is rapture for me. . . .
I'm one with the earth,
And the grass, and the tree.

I'm weeding my garden,
I hope you observe.
It's giving my back
This permanent curve.
I hope I'll be getting
The crop I deserve.

I'm spraying my garden,
A bug must be tough
To weather a dose
Of this redolent stuff.
For me and my wife
Just one whiff is enough.

I'm reaping my garden
And I am content
With the labor and time,
And the money I spent. . . .
Do you know where that latest
Seed catalog went?

- Martha Snell Nicholson -

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Photos and graphics by Mary Stephens
CA; posted 2020