Regarding Use of Graphics
on the Home


Since I have seen very little evidence that my graphics are being used by others, and since I reread the license agreement in the front of my Corel Photo Paint 9 libraries catalog, I've decided to change the policy on graphics. Please do not use any of our graphics until further notice. That is straight forward enough, isn't it? :-)

Legalese provided via Corel:

"This product/publication includes images from Corel Photo Paint 8, 9 and 10® which are protected by the copyright laws of the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere. Used under license."

I have created many graphics with the Photo Paint archives, so legally I'm not allowed to let you have them. Feel threatened.

I recommend Adobe Photo Shop as a good photo program. I have also edited many of my own photographs with it, both for private and internet use, and have made my own designs. I've also edited vintage graphics with it. I don't believe there are any threats they require me to pass on to you since I'm using it according to their terms.  Most of what I use are my own designs anyway. Except the vintage graphics, of course. (Sources noted where applicable. GF stands for The Graphics Fairy. ODS stands for Old Design Shop.)



background and graphics by Mary Stephens
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