Regarding Use of Graphics
on the Home


Since I have seen very little evidence that my graphics are being used by others, and since I reread the license agreement in the front of my Corel Photo Paint 9 libraries catalog, I've decided to change the policy on graphics. Please do not use any of our graphics until further notice. That is straight forward enough, isn't it? :-)

Legalese provided via Corel:

"This product/publication includes images from Corel Photo Paint 8, 9 and 10® which are protected by the copyright laws of the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere. Used under license."

I have created many graphics with the Photo Paint archives, so legally I'm not allowed to let you have them. Feel threatened.

I recommend Corel Photo Paint as a good graphics/photo program. I have also edited many of my own photographs with it, both for private and internet use, and have made my own designs.

I have also made graphics with Macromedia Xres version something-or-other in the past which are in use on this site. I don't know if they have any second-hand threats I'm supposed to pass on, but I thought I'd better try to cover all bases. :-)

More recently I have made graphics with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1.  I don't believe there are any threats they require me to pass on to you since I'm using it according to their terms.  Most of what I use are my own designs anyway.




background and graphics by Mary Stephens
updated 2013