Christopher Columbus

Proverbs 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:
but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

Christopher Columbus is commonly famous for his "discovery" of America.  However, it must be said that if God-fearing Christians had "discovered" America, rather than a Roman Catholic, power-hungry, gold seeker; things would probably be different in South America and Mexico today.  

Brother William P. Grady exposes Columbus for what he was in his  book What Hath God Wrought!  We find on pages 38-40:

"Although the name 'Columbus' is practically synonymous with motherhood and apple pie, the bloody aftermath of his maiden voyage is seldom discussed.  Should we have expected less from an operation that was commissioned by Ferdinand and Isabella 12 years after they inaugurated the Spanish Inquisition at Seville?  Following the establishment of colonies in San Salvador and Haiti, the inhuman behavior of these Catholic settlers would set a precedent for the conquistadors of the following century. It didn't take Columbus long to dump his original fund-raising spiel of 'converting Asia to Christianity' once he was able to size up the easy pickings.  Only two days after his historic landing, the gold-hungry, soon-to-be-dubbed 'Admiral of the Ocean' struck an ominous note in his journal.  'These people  are very unskilled in arms...with fifty men they could all be subjected and made to do all that one wished.'  In their quest for earthly riches, Isabella's 'soldiers of the cross' placed an entire civilization under tribute! No less of an authority than the esteemed biographer of Columbus, Samuel Eliot Morrison, confirmed the grim statistics:

'Those who fled to the mountains were hunted with hounds, and of those who escaped, starvation and disease took toll, whilst thousands of the poor creatures in desperation took cassava poison to end their miseries.  So the policy and acts of Columbus for which he alone was responsible began the depopulation of the terrestrial paradise that was Hispaniola in 1492.  Of the original natives, estimated by a modern ethnologist at 300,000 in number, one third were killed off between 1494 and 1496.  By 1508 an enumeration showed only 60,000 alive.  Four years later that number was reduced by two thirds; and in 1548 Oviedo doubted whether 500 Indians remained.'

"Columbus was eventually relieved of his governorship and returned to Spain as a common criminal.  The deluded explorer wrote a friend, 'At a time when I was entitled to expect rewards and retirement, I was incontinently arrested and sent home loaded with chains.'

"While in New Mexico on a preaching trip, I visited the Taos Pueblo Reservation and happened onto a testimonial to the enduring infamy of the 'Admiral's' atrocities.  A 'Wanted' poster sported the explorer's bust with an arrow sticking out of his head.  The poster was worded:





"The citizens of Europe would pay a high price for the evil of Columbus and company.  In fulfillment of James 1:15b which states, 'Sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.'  Morrison adds a sober postscript:

'Evidence that syphilis existed in a mild endemic form among the American Indians before 1492 is abundant. No certain evidence of syphilis in Europe exists before 1494, although certain medical historians assert the contrary.  In any case, the disease appeared in a most virulent form in Italy in 1494, and spread rapidly. By 1520 it was generally believed in Europe that syphilis came from America.'

"The contamination  was so widespread the  historians have sardonically referred to this period as 'the syphilization of Europe...' "

And lest any doubts remain about Columbus' "good" character, we find on page 41 of the same book that the objective of the endeavor, according to pope Alexander VI was, " 'to bring the profess the Catholic Faith...' "  We also find the pope calling Columbus " '..our well-beloved Son Christopher Columbus (a man certes well commended as most worthy and apt for so great a matter)...' "  You may be assured that he was in good standing with the Unholy Father in Rome to earn such praise from the pope in those days of persecution of "heretics."

Considering the facts about the "great" Columbus and his "boon" of blood money and disease that he left Europe, we can only conclude, sure your sin will find you out.  Numbers 32:23

complied and edited by Mary VN

More information on Columbus:

Despite the above information, there may still be those that refuse to see Columbus as he really is. Here we provide some more information to emphasize the fact that he could not have been a Christian as so many ill-informed people will try to tell us.

Columbus only had two sons. One was a the product of his fornication with a certain woman of Genoa, Beatrice de Haran, who was his mistress. He would not marry her probably because she was a commoner which might interfere with his ambition to climb into the aristocratic class.  Italian Americans tried to have Columbus sainted by the Catholic Church, but it was refused because of this.