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Arts and Crafts


Educational Art Stuff (many of these pages are printable)

Alphabet Coloring Book - pages to print.

Alphabet interactive online puzzles.

Castles for Kids - coloring pages.

Connect the Dots to print. Some of their other pages looks useful too.

Connect the dots - more.

Dot-to-Dots to print. There are other things available at this site. Check them out for yourself. I didn't take the time.

Fun with Letters - coloring and letter recognition

Geometric shapes to color.

Jan Bret Coloring Alphabet - some neat pictures with three styles of letter to choose from. Didn't check out the story lines, so be cautious.

Jan Bret Coloring pages. Didn't check out her stories, but the coloring pictures are well done and realistic.

Learning Planet Alphabet coloring pages.

Scripture Memory coloring pages. I did not check all the verses to see if they were KJV. Quality of drawings is low on some.

Shapes - a coloring book to print.


Look and Learn

Swissminiatur - Amazing craftsmanship in creating tiny buildings in natural surroundings

San Diego Model Railroad Museum


Educational Hobbies

National Model Railroad Association






General &


Customized World Clock

NOAA Photo Library

Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia. User discretion required.



Famous Scots

Speeches of Historic Value
(Some by men who are not God-fearing, but they are useful.)

Lighthouses of the world

Language & Vocabylary Skills

Swahili Study Guide and Dictionary--
Cultural data also available and Real Audio music

Word Searches to print.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language - An
ongoing project.

Dictionary of King James Version Words - A great resource
for definitions of the words found in the KJV.


Fun problems for math and geometry students
Also see snowflake links below.

Fraction Frenzy - online math game.




Psalm 104:24 O LORD, how manifold are thy works!
in wisdom hast thou made them all:
the earth is full of thy riches.


Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

An animation of creation set to music.

Institute for Creation Research

The Plants of the Field
Please disregard the evolutionary naming system!

Matthew 6:28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the
field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 And yet I say unto
you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Arizona Wildflowers (USA)

Blue Ridge Wildflowers West Virginia (USA)

DiComp photo galleries - Photo Gallery and Expeditions (beware of evolutionary speak). Click on the pictures next to the description of each expedition to see photos from that trip.

Prairie Frontier Photo Album - Great Photos of flowers, gardens and grasses!
Also a good place to buy wild flower seeds. (USA)

Wildflowers of France

Wildflowers of Israel

Wildflowers of Switzerland Unfortunately not names on this one.

Wildflowers in Switzerland by the season

The Gesneriad Reference Web by Ronald Myhr, Canada.
African Violets, Gloxinias, "lipstick plants" and many
other decorative species and hybrids.

Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains (USA)

Wildflowers of Vermont (USA)

Wildflowers of Texas (USA)

Official State Flowers (USA)

Western Wetland Flora Field Guide List and Identification Key (USA)
Midwestern Wetland Flora Field Guide List and Identification Key
Illustrated Glossary of Floral Terms

The Second Heaven  (space)

Annular Solar Eclipse; May 31, 2003 - An unusual eclipse visible in Europe as the sun was rising.

NASA photo/video/audio gallery (Beware of scientific bologna.)

Photographs of Mars and satellites
If you stay in this photo section you can look without getting into the "...oppositions of science falsely so called:" 1 Timothy 6:20

NSSDC Photo Gallery

The Messier Catalog
More space pictures than you'll have time to looks at.
Great for the enthusiast.

The Northern Lights Great photos

The First Heaven  (weather, birds, etc.)


All About Birds NEW

Waterfowl Identification in the Central Flyway (USA)

Build a Birdhouse

National Geographic Bird Page

Eastern Bluebird Information - Lots of links here.

Flying Bugs:

Butterflies of North America - Lots of Photos

Moths of North America


Skyfire Images Lots of great weather pictures here, along with some other photography of more or less interest. As of last check there wasn't much that was objectionable. He has cloud and weather photos that are absolutely amazing.

NOAA Tornadoes Photo Library (USA)

The Tornado Project

Tornado Safety and Preparedness (USA - applicable anywhere)
    Also See: Preparing for High Winds and Protect Your Home. NEW

Australia Severe Weather Tornadoes in Australia. Includes some U.S. photos as well, and some interesting waterspout photos.

Historically Famous Slayer Park Tornado (USA)

Snow Photo Gallery (USA)

Buffalo, NY Blizzard of 1977 (USA)

Snowflake Photographs - - Beautiful photography of snowflakes. A God Who would give such attention to detail on something so small and temporary, must care for us!

Electron Microscopy Unit Snow Page - Microscopic photographs of snowflakes

Predicting Weather:  NEW

Weather Vanes - An early device for helping with weather prediction.
The basics about weather vanes. Some basic information about weather vanes. The links at the bottom of this article provide a lot more information.
This page gives a little information about southern California weather predicting based on the wind directions.


This Thing Called Earth

Gold Beach, Oregon, USA Be cautious about reading comments at bottom of page. I didn't check them.

The Latest Earthquakes

Volcano Webcams


Atlanta Zoo animal videos

Bronx Zoo Congo Game and the Congo Gorilla Forest Honolulu Zoo site map - lots of information, videos, sound files. These folks made their site very useful.

Prairie Frontier "Creatures Great and Small" (USA)

Monterey Bay Aquarium live web cams Here's a site with live web cams of fish and aquatic animals. The sea otters are the most fun, but I've also watched the penguins being fed!

San Diego Zoo live web cams. Not as good quality as the Monterey Bay Aquarium's cams, but they also have online videos of animals. The baby animals are really cute.

Smithsonian National Zoo web cams


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