These photographs are to illustrate the manner in which Doug Phillips handled Michelle Duggar
during the presentation of the 2010 Vision Forum Mother of the Year Award.  The article
these photos are connected with can be read here:  Thoughts on the Resignation of
Doug Phillips from Vision Forum
.  These photos in no way imply that
Michelle Duggar was the woman with whom Mr. Phillips had an affair.

1 Corinthians 7:1-2
Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me:
It is
good for a man not to touch a woman.
Nevertheless, to avoid fornication,
let every man have his own wife, and
let every woman have her own husband.

These screen shots were taken from the video clip of this event posted by
Vision Forum.  You can see it here, while it is still available.


For those who come in from the web and didn't read the previous page, I'll repeat: 
Scott Brown was a personal friend of Doug Phillips, and a board member of Vision Forum Ministries at the time of its closing.  Based on his observations, these photos are very telling. [Disclaimer on some sources.]

The Smell of Apostasy, Isaiah 5:8-30
Scott T Brown

39:37 — “One of my dear friends has fallen into a great sin. And there are many people that say, ‘Oh, that could have been me.’ But the truth is I hope not, because one falls into that kind of sin after many, many small compromises long before. No one just immediately falls into that sin. They fall because they have been falling. My friend Paul Washer says, ‘You don’t fall into sin. You slide into it.’ Because every public sin is a private sin beforehand. I was telling our interns the other day that I could take everything I’ve done over forty years and destroy it in one second. All I would have to do is kiss a girl and in one second it would all be over. Everything. It would all be burnt to the ground. But let me just make this point. You do not kiss a girl without doing many other things beforehand. You do not fall into sin. You slide. You make one compromise after another. Every public sin is a private sin for a very long time before… Brothers, mortify, expunge, every vestige of lust that would inflame it… But you would not do it [immorality] if you did not cultivate it. So do not cultivate it… Please do not burn everything to the ground. Please do not destroy everything that you’ve worked for your entire life. Everything you’ve ever done will be compromised and everything you’ve ever done will be burned to the ground.”


1) Mr. Phillips kissing Mrs. Duggar's hand as she arrives on stage.

2) Mr. Phillips kissing Mrs. Duggar's cheek.

3)  Mr. Phillips caressing Mrs.
Duggar's hair. 
His hand came to rest on her shoulder and stayed there a few moments.

4) Here (highlighted area) Mr. Phillips is moving his hand
from Michelle's shoulder to Mr. Duggar's.

5) Inside the highlighted rectangle (hard to see) Mr. Phillips' hand is now on Jim Bob's shoulder.
Notice that Jim Bob
immediately put his hand - in the circle - on his wife's shoulder.

6) Mr. Duggar made a point of placing both hands on his wife.

8) Mr. Duggar kept his hands on her almost constantly
until they all sat down away from the microphone.

9) Somewhat unclear in a still shot, this was the slightly awkward moment
in which Jim Bob made sure that his wife stayed on the opposite
side of him from Mr. Phillips.  He pulled her back to the left (his right).

Kudos to Jim Bob for protecting his wife even in such
an awkward situation, and so subtly.


graphics by mary stephens
published Nov. 2013