Guiding The House


- Written by Kathy R.

Many times when people find out that we have seven children they will say, "Oh, you poor woman," or to my husband, "Oh, your poor wife."  And many times I find myself giving myself a pity party, "Oh, poor me! I never have time to do anything. I don't even have time to do anything for the Lord." But is this really true?

As I dwell upon this thought many times, the Holy Spirit deals with me severely. Many Scripture verses come to mind and I have to bow my head there and say, "Lord, forgive me. I'm so selfish. I'm so unworthy of the precious children You've entrusted me with. Help me to do Your will."

And what is the Lord's will for the Christian mother? 1 Timothy 5:14 says, " I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house..."

The Webster Dictionary has this to say about "guide:"

"Guide - implies the showing of the way by one who is thoroughly familiar with the course, and connotes his continuous presence or direction along the way."

Many Christian women will argue with the verse in Titus 2:5, using the same tactic of Eve, that of changing the Word, by saying, "I can keep my house as clean as anyone and work a job too."  And maybe you can. But you can't be "...keepers at home.." and you sure can't "... guide the house..." and work a job, too.

Notice that definition of guide: First of all we have to be thoroughly familiar with the course ourselves before we can guide the house. Then our presence is needed continually along the way. This is the will of God. When we "guide the house" we are doing something for the Lord. We are obeying Him! Isn't that all He requires? Isn't that what pleases Him?

I believe, in guiding the house, this would include the regular duties of the housewife such as cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, etc., as well as teaching these things to the children. But even  more we should guide them ( regards to the children) in spiritual matters.

Proverbs 22:6 gives a promise that if we do - "Train up a child in the way he should go:" then "...when he is old, he will not depart from it." What a blessed promise!

But what does the word "train" imply? Is it to just take your children to Sunday School and church and see that they say their prayers, as many Christians seem to think? What does "train up a child" involve? Again we look a the Webster dictionary.

"Train - to guide or control the mental, moral, etc. development of."

According to this verse we are to guide (show the way) and control (exercise authority over; direct; command) the mental, moral, etc. development of our children and our continual presence is needed to do this, as the word "guide" implies.

What responsibility lies upon us as mothers. This involves much more than taking them to S.S. and church. It involves our lives, day in and day out, twenty-four hours of every day.

Sure, this calls for sacrifice on our part, but what greater reward could we want than to spend eternity in heaven with our children! Or what a greater sacrifice it would be to lose our children to the world and the devil and an eternity in hell!

Mothers, let's be as the wise virgins and wake up and trim our lamps in this area of "guiding the house" for "...Behold, the bridegroom cometh..." [Matthew 25:6] Let's go out to meet Him with our children!


Editor's Note- First of all, it is important to point out that the passage in 1 Timothy 5 regarding marrying, bearing children, and guiding the house is speaking in context about young widows. I mention this because there are those who would force the idea upon us that all Christian women must get married and bear children despite other scripture that clearly says this is not required (see 1 Cor. 7).

Secondly, how can you guide your children in this Biblical manner if they are attending a public or even a Christian school? A "continuous presences" cannot be obtained if the children are spending the majority of the day away from their mother. And it is even worse is when that time is spent with the unsaved and ungodly, and/or with carnal Christians that rejoice in destroying your children. Are you being faithful with the responsibility God has given you? Romans 14:12  So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

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