Ways to Become More Hospitable

1 Peter 4:9
Use hospitality one to
another without grudging.


6 Ways to Become More Hospitable

One of the primary reasons people will visit and continue to attend a church is because they have connections with other people. But for the average person in the pew, making those connections can sometimes be intimidating. Busy lifestyles, introverted personalities, and limited resources easily keep us from following our biblical mandate to show hospitality. Try following a few of these simple suggestions, and you may be on your way to becoming a more hospitable follower of Christ:

1. Pray daily for God to reveal those who need a special greeting or caring attention throughout your daily routines.

2. Every Sunday, look for at least one person at church you have never met before or don’t know very well. Make an effort to introduce yourself or become better acquainted.

3. Set aside one Sunday or one night per month to invite several individuals or a family to your home for a shared meal. Think outside your normal circle of friends. If your church is not too large, you can simply make your way through the church directory for your invitation list!

4. Find creative ways to avoid the excuse that your home is not fit to entertain others. Perhaps you could meet with guests in a local coffee shop. Remember that hospitality doesn’t require serving a three-course meal. Try inviting someone over just for tea or coffee.

5. Volunteer to host church guests that need temporary housing, such as special speakers, singers, or students in a travelling choir.

6. Accept hospitality from others when it is offered—experience the gift yourself and you will have a greater desire to pass it on.

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