Dr. Teacher? Are You Letting Your Children Become Victims of the Medication Culture?

"The children are a captive population in the public schools of the country, and the diagnosing being done by public school personnel - most importantly by teachers - is not at all what the parents have in mind in sending their children...to the public schools."  Fred Baugman, MD (Neurologist)  The Drugging of Our Children (documentary)

"Eli Lilly & Co. found out that their patients taking Prozac had a higher suicide attempt rate than the same patients - sometimes literally the very same patient - on a sugar pill. So, what did they do with that data? They hid it."   Peter Breggin, MD
One of the biggest risks in sending your children to public school and preschool is that the personnel of theses schools - teachers (especially), principles, school nurses, school psychiatrists/councilors, etc. - may decide that your child has a "mental disorder" (ADD, ADHD, depression, etc.).  Their natural conclusion is likely to be that he/she needs to be drugged.  There are many who are not above demanding that you comply with this, resorting to threats and even to removing the child from the home when "necessary". 

We live in a time when more children are drugged than ever before. The pharmaceutical companies like nothing better than to sell more pills and to invent new "illnesses."  They are happy if they can convince you (through schools or doctors) to drug your child because they gain a lifelong "customer."  You are risking your child's future in many ways by allowing this to happen.  If you allow this and your child is a believer in the Lord Jesus, you may answer to a righteous and holy God for this in a way you might not expect! 

Mark 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Please watch this documentary and prayerfully and seriously consider what is before you.

The Drugging of Our Children  (Disclaimer - contains disturbing subject matter - not recommended for children.  Some language. We do not agree with all views expressed in this video.  We do not support the person who posted this video.)

There are many parents who excuse themselves from homeschooling their kids because they __________ (you fill in the blank).  But, in most situations there is a choice, one way or another.  What are you willing to do, to give up, to change in your life to secure the mental and emotional health of your child?  We might say even to secure their physical health as these drugs can and do cause physical problem, even death.  It is hard to underestimate the value of mental and emotional health!  There are many selfish, lazy parents who want children but don't want the responsibility of taking care of them - diet, discipline, emotional support and instruction.  Sadly, too many of these parents are willing to drug their kids to get them to "sit down and shut up".  If you love your children and if you are not that type of parent, are you willing to make sacrifices to avoid having your child drugged this way?

In many cases, as this documentary makes clear, the children didn't have a "mental disorder" to begin with.  Some had other medical problems - allergies, food intolerances, poor diet, sleeping disorders, etc.  Some had emotional issues due to home situations and life events.  There are many causes for "abnormal" behavior in children and _LISTEN_ some, if not much, of it is in fact perfectly normal.  Our modern world has redefined "normal children" to be something it is not.  Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists have redefined too much normal behavior as "mental illness."  Never let them fool you!  If you do, you and your children will pay a horrible price. 

I was blessed to grow up in a home where my parents didn't imagine that idiosyncrasies of personality and extra energy were abnormal.  I had one brother who more than likely would have been diagnosed with a "disorder" had he been in the public school system.  It is very likely that they would have wanted to drug him as they did other kids we knew.  He couldn't sit still.  When he was doing his school work he could drop his pencil more times in 10 minutes than anyone I ever saw.  He wiggled and writhed his way through many activities, even when he was paying attention and actually absorbing information.  He did appear at times to have an attention problem, though at least some of that was caused by food additives and a physical anomaly which he later outgrew.  As it was, my parents were able to work with him on his "hyperactivity" by making ways for him to burn off extra energy and by making sure that he didn't eat certain foods that aggravated his already boisterous personality. 

My other brother, who had serious "attention deficit" issues (but who could focus for hours  on anything that actually interested him), had to be dealt with in another way.  My parents worked to help him with his lack of motivation to pay attention to "boring" subjects.  It was a challenge, but it was worth the effort. 

Each of my brothers had to be dealt with in a different manner and with different requirements.  My parents' plan may not have been perfect, but it was worlds better than filling the boys up with drugs, and I thank God that was not the route they chose!  They were immensely more "qualified" to understand and work with my brothers than a stranger in the public school.

What about your kids?  Who is caring for their mental health?  A stressed, overworked teacher?  A school psychiatrist who gets kick backs for the school for every child that is put on Ritalin?  It's something to think about.  And may I just say, homeschooling is so much easier now than it was when my parents started in 1983.  I find the excuses hard to accept sometimes in view of the available resources now.


[Regarding the "we both have to work" excuse - I realize that in some few cases this is an issue.  But, sadly, we have seen that in the U.S. there are many people who feel it's their right to live in a "nice house in the suburbs", buy a new car every year or two, eat out several times a week, have memberships in sports clubs, wear designer clothing, etc. All this when they could be living much more modestly - and have the money they need for mama to stay home and teach the kids.  Living on one income is not a visionary, unattainable dream.  We know people who are doing it - in more than one country. Titus 2:3-5 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.]


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