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The Home Maker's Corner


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Welcome to the Home Maker's Corner!

The goal here is to provide Bible-based helps, studies, and encouragement for ladies. I hope to avoid fluffy and thoughtless Christianity while helping women think critically in a biblical context. Our faith and practice should be reasonable before God and based upon His word. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD... Isaiah 1:18

All scripture quoted in The Home Maker's Corner is from the Authorized King James Version. All scripture quotes are in red to help you distinguish between what the word of God says and what humans think. We believe in one final authority - the word of God - not our own word, and not anybody else's word. This is why you will find from time to time that an article has been changed or even removed.

Articles and items have been divided into categories to help you find what you may be looking for. There is some overlap since some articles apply to more than one area.

This page is edited by me, Mary Stephens, with assistance from my husband, Peter Stephens. Most new articles that I write are read and approved by Peter before they are posted. We work together as a team. Please also visit my blog The Cotton Apron, for recipes, home helps, sewing, quilting, crafts, more Bible studies, photography, vintage graphics, and for a more personal glimpse of our lives. Also, you may find my husband's Bible web page useful: The King James Bible.


A Letter From the Editor

The Gospel
...that ye may know that ye have eternal life...

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A Better Country

To Be Like Jesus

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Romans 14:19 Let us therefore follow
after the things which make for peace,
and things wherewith one may edify another.


Personal Strength

Bible Studies, From Mom's Collection, Depression,
Christian Living, Prayer
Keepers At Home

Family Helps

Children, Home Life

Examining Pearls & Duggars;
Do Father's Own Their Daughters?

Marriage & Relationships

A Biblical Perspective
Poems and Thoughts
Singleness and Waiting

Poetry & Prose

Updated June 24
Martha Snell Nicholson
Annie Johnson Flint
Among Many Others

This We Believe...

Our position on various issues and subjects.
Christmas, the rapture, the KJV, Quiverfull, and more.

Hard Questions

Questions on various subjects, including some current events.
Also Reader Comments

Words of Warning

Spiritual Abuse, "Biblical Patriarchy", the Pearls, etc.
The Unfruitful Works of Darkness


Encouragement to keep preaching the Gospel


God's Second Best?

Dealing with "Disability," Infertility, Singleness, and more.

Bible Studies

Studies, devotionals, thoughts on scripture.


Home Schooling

Various Items of Interest and Some Helps

Letters to My Friend

These are written in a letter format as to a friend - you, if you stop in to read.

Living for Christ In Chronic Illness

For the chronically ill, their loved ones, and those who need to understand it better.

Over the Back Fence

Helps for Homemakers: sewing, crafts, household tips, frugal living, etc.

Words Mean Things

Words, sayings, Did You Meme That? 
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