Examining Michael and Debi Pearl

Question #4 - What do they teach?


So what do the Pearls teach? It would be pointless to try to cover everything. Some things they teach are correct. The things we are concerned with here are some real problem areas.  The sheer bulk of this is still quite large, requiring that it be broken up into several pages by subject.  Also, I will use the work of others in some places where it is useful.  Still, this will be a limited addressing of the problem since these people are prolific writers and I don't have time to chase every rabbit trail they take.

All quotes by the Pearls are from their web site, www.nogreaterjoy.com, or their book To Train Up A Child [August 2000 edition] unless otherwise noted.

Secret Doctrines - The enticement of special dispensations of wisdom supposedly given to the Pearls.

Stop Sinning? - under construction

The Sex Fixation - "Holy Sex"  - under construction

  Child Abuse or Biblical Discipline?  - under construction

What Is A Helpmeet?


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