Whining and Dining

I always so enjoy to dine
With whining, little brats;
Who won't eat half you give them,
They're persnickety as cats.

The soup's too hot, the corn's too cold,
The pickles make them choke;
They won't eat meat nor apple sauce,
And naught they'll drink but coke.

They won't eat peas, don't like your bread --
For something in it crunches;
They gag on fat, the gravy's gross,
They won't eat grapes in bunches.

A sandwich must be made just so;
They can't eat beans or custard;
And woe unto the foolish soul
Who serves them food with mustard!

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, fish,
Garlic nor cottage cheese;
Oh, it's a dish uncommon rare
That truly seems to please.

No red sauce may the ice cream have,
"It's bleeding," they will say;
And gravely hand it to their mum
To take it clean away.

But let us speak of chocolate cake,
It must be frosted o'er;
Then they'll devour three full slabs,
And calmly ask for more.

Oh, I do so always love to eat
With picky little pests,
Whose parents joy to make them
The most undesirable guests!

by Mary Van Nattan Stephens

Please ask permission before using.



graphics by Mary Stephens
backgrounds - unknown source