Gripe Water

The British have a product called Gripe Water that is used to treat colic and upset stomachs in babies. My mom used it and found it very helpful. Sorry to say, it is not common in the USA yet, and is often expensive when you can find it.

Here is a recipe for gripe water which I found in an herb book. Since the main ingredient is fennel, it isn't recommended to use it excessively, however, it should be helpful for occasional use.

If this doesn't help your baby well enough, you may want to invest in the actual product which is available from online stores.

I wouldn't hesitate to use this myself for an upset stomach. You could make it stronger for adult use.


Gripe Water

Crush 1 tsp of fennel seeds.
Pour 1 1/4 cups of boiling water over them and steep for 20 minutes.
(Optional: Add some sugar when adding the water to make it more palatable.)

Strain and discard the seeds.
Store in the refrigerator. Use as needed. May be used warm or cold.
For a small baby, dilute the infusion with 2 parts water to one part gripe water.


graphics & background by mary vannattan