Facing the


Hebrews 11:23 By faith Moses, when he was born,
was hid three months of his parents,
because they saw he was a proper child; and they
were not afraid of the king's commandment.

[Note: Homeshcoolers are a favorite target of CSS (child protective services). - Tony]

A____ H______ writes:

I am a parent who homeschools my children. I would like to offer advice to all parents. I was turned in for child abuse by an "anonymous" person. I was lucky. I was contacted first by the Child Protection Agency of the SRS office. They wanted to come to our house and "visit" our children. They were coming out that day. I immediately called a couple of friends, and asked them to be at my house when this social worker showed up. They came about an hour before she got there, and we were sitting at our table drinking coffee when she came to the door. Needless to say this social worker was a bit miffed when she saw she was outnumbered. She sat at the table with us, and then demanded to take my children into a bedroom to "talk with them" I very politely but firmly told her no. I told her I didn't encourage my children to talk to strangers and she most certainly was a stranger. She could ask the children questions in front of me and these family friends, but not alone. She did so. She was not happy about it, and told me so. After she had questioned my children about whether or not I abused them, and received the answer that NO I had not abused them in the presence of witnesses she was forced to close the case.

Parents if you think you might come under the scrutiny of the child stealers contact your friends, and ask them to be on call for you. If you receive a visit that is unannounced call your friends as witnesses to the procedure. The more professional your friends are the better. If you have friends that are in the medical profession or legal profession so much the better. However, no matter who your friends are GET WITNESSES. These people try to intimidate you to get to your kids. If you have one or two witnesses you can at least get them to stop and reconsider their purpose for being at your home. There are certainly exceptions to what I have said, and I know some instances where they arrive Gestapo fashion and get the kids out before anyone can do anything, but that is not the norm. . . YET.

A____ H______

From "The Republic" email list.


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