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Disclaimer on all Bible versions other than the KJV
and probably some content.

Let the buyer (and the downloader) beware.


General Helps and Useful Stuff

NEW The Homemaker's Mentor - Encouraging and Inspiring Homemakers

NEW Home Organizer Notebook plus, Getting Organized at the same site.


Compare Prices and Save!

My Simon - I typed in "candelabra" and found two very similar ones of the wrought iron variety. Prices - $17.99 or $101. You pick. If you want to shop without comparing prices, go ahead; but don't complain when you're broke.




NEW Homemade Necessities

Homemade Hand and Bath Soap - Lots of homemade hand and bath soap recipes here.  Some may not be useful to you since they are trying to sell their own products, but there are plenty recipes with ingredients you can find for yourself without buying their products.

Tips and Answers to Soap Making Questions

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap - Step by step instructions

Simple Liquid Hand soap from bar soap - A YouTube tutorial (poor sound quality on this one).


Good Music

The John Marshall Family
Good Christian music from KJV-Only folks
No boogie or high toned mumbling. God fearing music.


Food Stuffs

Bob's Red Mill - This site has all kinds of flour, meal, beans, and many other interesting whole grain and organic foods. Highly recommended.





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