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What Are You Feeding Your Children? - Here is a video discussing the additives and things in food that can actually harm your children or cause allergic reactions. Please consider doing what this lady suggests - changing you family's eating habits gradually for the better.  Some people make this process unnecessarily hard by demanding or thinking that all these changes need to be addressed at once.  They do not.  You CAN change the way your family eats one step at a time.  And, may I suggest that, as Robyn obviously did, please include your kids in the process.  Tell them why you need to make the changes and educate them so they will understand and hopefully agree!  Kids are lot smarter about these things than some parents think.  When they find out there is trash and bug killer in the food they may be more angry than you are.  Who wants fish gene in their tomato anyway?  Make it a family project to improve the diet and find out why.  (Be forewarned, though; as one friend of mine found out, the kids may be more diligent at checking ingredients that you are!)  [In case you think the kids can't get excited about this subject, check out this lecture on the subject from an 11-year-old homeschooled boy: What's Wrong with Our Food System.]


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