Comments and Questions from Readers

This is a list of comments and questions which I have answered or liked from readers of both The Home Maker's Corner and The Cotton Apron (blog). Some links will take you to the blog, others are pages within the HMC.

Dear Friend, Just a note...

Spiritual Subjects

Condolences in Difficult Death Situations

Face to Face by Carrie E. Breck

His Mother's Sorrow - A true story about miscarriage

Joy and Rejoicing In the Face of Adversity

What to do In December when You Don't Celebrate Christmas - This was based on a reader's question, although it isn't specifically mentioned.

What Do We Tell Them? - What do you tell people when you don't celebrate Christmas?

Other Subjects

About My Email

Corny Spam - just for fun

Dealing with Laziness and Low Motivation

Why Do Americans Have "Spring Cleaning"?



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