I have a desire to learn to think more prudently and biblically myself, and I desire to help other Christian women to do so also.  It is sadly lacking in the teaching of women in some groups - almost as if women were incapable of thinking spiritual, discerning thoughts.  This is not what we find throughout scripture.  There are many women in the Bible who were wise and thinking ladies.  Women's "liberation" did not provide the freedom for women to "think" as they might like us to believe. Nor does God forbid women to think and discern as some groups teach or imply.  God commended thinking and wise women long ago.

In this section I will attempt to deal with some harder questions. They are the ones that often go unasked because either others will be offended or we don't want to answer them ourselves. Some are posted on my blog and others are articles located here. The most recent will be in the box at the top with the others listed below in alphabetical order.

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