The Poetry of
Annie Johnson Flint
Annie's Own Story

According to the Power

A Friend's First Birthday In Heaven

All These Things

Apple Blossoms

A Thanksgiving

Better Than My Best

Be Not Anxious

But God

By the Brook Cherith

Carpenter's Son

Come Unto Me

Counted Worthy

Count It Done

Faithful Is He Who
Has Promised

"Follow Thou Me"

For All the Morrows

God's Great Grace

God's Thoughts and Mine

God's Orchestra

God's Shut-ins

God's Will Be Done

Go Ye

Grace Sufficient

He Giveth More Grace

He's Helping Me Now

He That Believeth

His and Mine

His Billows

His Lamps

Hitherto and Henceforth

"I Am With You"

I Have Set the Lord

 "I Know"

In A Small Place

In Jesus

In Time of Need

I See Jesus

I Shall Dwell Forever

It Is Jesus

Jesus, My Lord

"Let Us Go Hence"

Martha and Mary

May Joy Be Thine

Much Fruit

"New Every Morning"

Not Down, But Through

Nevertheless Afterward

One Day At A Time


Prisoners of the Lord

Rest, Tired Heart

Show Us Thy Grace

Shut In

Some Better Thing

Songs In the Night

The Bridge of the Cross

The Blessings that Remain

The Burden of Israel

The Christ of Calvary

The City of God

The Court of the King

The Creator

The Double Clasp

The Double Reason

The Empty Tomb

The Gardener

 The Grace of God

The Gray Days of November

The Heavenly Guest

The Heaviest Cross 

The Jesus Way

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

The Little Doors

The Living Way

The Lonely Olive Mill

The Lord Himself

The Love of Christ

The Measures of God

The Nameless Seeker

The New Prayer

The Only Way

The Promises of God

The Red Sea Place

These Shall Find

The Star of Bethlehem

The Things of God

The Thoughts of God

The Threefold Promise

The Threefold Work

The Shadow of the Cross

The Two Sufficients

The Wall and the Hedge

The Way of the Cross

The Way to God

The Word of God

What God Hath Promised

"For Thou Art With Me"

I know not when I go, nor where,
From this familiar scene;
But [Christ] is here and He is there
And all the way between;

And, when I pass from all I know
To that dim, vast unknown,
Though late I stay, or soon I go,
I shall not go alone.

Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.



graphics and background by Mary Stephens

"Thank you" to Mrs. Tami for introducing me to Annie. :-)
"Thank you" to my dear parents for ordering me a
rare compilation of Annie's poetry (now out of print).
updated 2022