Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee.

All studies by Mary Stephens (formerly Van Nattan) unless otherwise noted.
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All studies are from the King James Authorized Version

Series Studies

A Study On the Birth of Jesus Christ

Attributes of God


Short Thoughts

A Family Resemblance

An Important Choice

Are You Warming or Chilling the Lives of Others?
- by Marsha Burkholder

Give Thanks for That?!?

God's Understanding

God's Word - All or Nothing - by Clara Van Nattan

Imitation Glory

IN Affliction

On the Power of the Word of God - by Clara Van Nattan

Walking After Jesus - Glorying In the Lord

Where the Sheep Are


Topical Studies

A Better Country

A Death No One Grieves

A Few Words to "The Mother Club" On Behalf of the Hurting Ones Outside

Are You A Friend of God?

A Heart Lifted Up

A More Excellent Way By Linda Zike

A Word to the Weary, OR Why Do the Righteous Suffer?

Absalom - Marks of A Usurper

Are You Surrendered? Should You Be?

Doubting Your Salvation

Do We Have Enough?


God's Plan vs. Ours

Is Separation Worth It?

Never Grow Old?

Not unto Us, O Lord...but unto Thy Name Give Glory - a study of Psalm 104

Of Teeth and Judging

Some Thoughts on "Titus 2 Women" NEW

Show No Mercy, Give No Quarter?

Thoughts On Spiritual Warfare

The Good Fight of Faith

The Mouth of A Priest - How Does Your Speech Represent the Lord?

Two Ways to Fear God

Where did We Come from? Where are We Going?

Who Is Polluting the Environment?

Who Rules Over You?

Works As to the Lord


Verse by Verse Studies

The Road to Emmaus



Devotional Thoughts

Contentment - J. O. Fraser

Getting Clean - Anonymous

How To Pray for Your Husband

Is God Able to Keep His Promises? - Mercy P.

No Greater Love

Others May - You Cannot - G. D. Watson

Pray for Your Pastor

Sonflowers - Linda W.

The Road That Leads Home - Author unknown

Thorns - Author unknown

Well-Fed - A Poem and A Thought


Bible studies in other parts of the Home Maker's Corner:

Childless By God's Choice - Robin R.

Experts - Lifesavers from A Sinking Ship

Finding A Spouse God's Way
Genesis 24 Study

Modesty - A Matter of Heart

Salvation - A Study for Perilous Times

Single to the Glory of God


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